Disney’s 100 Years Of Magic In Boston

100 Years Of Magic
When it comes to Disney, they seem to know how to appeal to people of all ages. From two to 102, the stories and important messages in Disney films touch us all. Whether you enjoy the animated films or the live-action movies, chances are you can easily name your favorite... [read more]

Kick Off The Holidays With A Treat From A Local Bakery

There’s plenty of aspects to love about the holidays. The music. The family gatherings. The movies. And yes, even the food. From gingerbread to pumpkin spice and everything in-between, there’s plenty of delicious holiday sweets that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Where can you find these tasty treats?... [read more]

City Of Everett Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting
It's coming. The season of Santa. The season of shopping, wrapping, and decking the halls. The season of festivities and of lights. And whether you're someone who thinks Christmas comes too early every year or one of the staunch supporters of decorating as soon as the first shipment of candy... [read more]

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree At Brooksby Farm

Brooksby Farm
When it comes to Christmas, there are many decorations – we’re talking countless. Don’t believe us? Go to your nearest store and take a look. You’ll find anything from garland to wreaths and everything in-between. And who can forget the Christmas tree? If you’ve displayed a fake tree for the... [read more]

Embrace A New Culture At The Chinese Culture Connection

Chinese Culture Connection
If you’re interested in Chinese culture, seeking to learn a new language, or looking for ways to branch out and expand your knowledge, the Chinese Culture Connection is the place to be! The Chinese Culture Connection offers classes you can attend, summer camps, and a variety of educational opportunities for... [read more]

Take Part In This Year’s Mass Badge Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Community Thanksgiving Dinner
The 8th annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, at the Edward G. Connolly Center on Chelsea Street in Everett, MA. This complimentary dinner is hosted by Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Bishop Robert G. Brown. You’re invited to enjoy this Thanksgiving feast from 5:00 P.M.... [read more]

Lease A Honda Clarity With Honda Cars Of Boston

Honda Clarity
More and more people are “going green” when it comes to what they choose to drive. When you choose a hybrid vehicle, a plug-in, or a fuel cell car, you’re doing more than just saving yourself money at the gas pump. You’re doing your part to secure a brighter environmental... [read more]

Plan On Attending The Boston Beer & BBQ Fest

Boston Beer & BBQ Fest
Boston is widely known for its savory food and tasty drinks. Whether you’re enjoying seafood, pasta, or any other dish, Boston is home to many restaurants that offer a wide variety of options for you. If you’re looking for an event to attend with your friends, you don’t want to... [read more]

The Honda Insight: Perfect for a Family

Honda Insight
In the past, if you were in the market for a hybrid vehicle that also offered space and amenities for your family, your options were incredibly limited. Most of the hybrids on the market suffered from rather odd looks and generally didn’t offer the kind of space consumers needed to... [read more]

Grab A Costume And Attend Autumn’s Trick Or Treat Fundraiser

Trick Or Treat
There’s no denying that October is a fun month. Whether you enjoy the spirit of Halloween or the changing of the weather, October seems to bring its own adventure. Trick-or-treating is always fun and eventful, especially with kids. If your children are excited about dressing up as their favorite movie... [read more]