East Meets West At CCC

East Meets West

Understanding the differences between cultures can be difficult, especially when it comes to two cultures that originate in different parts of the world. Sometimes, people coming from China or other countries in the East can have a hard time adjusting to the cultural differences in America. However, for those who want to bridge the gaps between these two cultures, there are tools available that can help both immigrants and people from the societies who welcome them to come together and understand each other better. That’s the purpose of the East Meets West Cultural Dialogue at the Chinese Cultural Connection. It happens every month, and there is an event coming up in September. Keep an eye out on the website, so you can mark your calendar for the next event. Learn more about this incredible cultural opportunity by reading below.

Catered to Immigrants

Cultural differences are often difficult for immigrants. After all, they don’t just have to learn a new language. They also have to figure out how to function in a totally different society. Therefore, some Chinese immigrants find it hard to navigate their new culture, especially when children are involved. Therefore, this program is catered to immigrants from China and other Asian countries who want to help their children thrive in this new environment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t attend if you aren’t an immigrant. The event is completely open to the public, so you should come out if you want to be a part of the dialogue.

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Similarities and Differences

While there may be many differences between Asian and American cultures, these differences are largely on the surface. More importantly, this event can show people from different cultures how similar they really are. No matter where they’re born, most people have the same hopes, dreams, and goals, and that brings all of us together. By understanding our differences more fully, we can do a better job of seeing the similarities between just about every culture in the world. No matter where you come from, that’s a beautiful thing.

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