Enjoy Asian Cuisine At Kowloon Restaurant

Enjoy Asian Cuisine at Kowloon Restaurant
While there’s a lot of history on Saugus’ famous Restaurant Row, you can still taste the flavors that have kept a local institution running for decades. Kowloon has stood the test of time and grown steadily for years, and it now serves a tremendous variety of diverse cuisines from across Asia.

A Grand Tour

The restaurant’s menu has changed significantly over the years, adding new items to accommodate the ever-changing tastes of its clientele. The chef can take you all across Asia and Polynesia, with diverse dishes from Thailand, Japan, and regional Chinese food, with a variety of Cantonese and Szechuan offerings. Now the restaurant is recognized as one of the highest-earning Chinese restaurants in the nation. The modern menu offers everything from sushi and nigiri to lo mein and tofu.

Edible History

The business began as the Mandarin House in 1950. The original space could hold about 50 patrons, and the early menu presented a respectable variety. The building itself had an entirely different function prior to the Mandarin House, as it began life as an ice cream parlor with a relatively modest seating capacity.

Madeline and Bill Wong bought the establishment eight years later and began decades of expansion. Over the next 50 years, the family made multiple additions to the building, which can now facilitate 1,200 diners. In keeping with the times, they added a tiki room, which now draws fans of tiki culture from near and far. As the space grew and the kitchen had to cater to broader tastes, the menu expanded to feature over 300 items.

On the Go

While the idea had been simmering for years, the family behind Kowloon has now deployed a food truck to take their celebrated cuisine to the streets. The Kowloon Mobile food truck selection presents an all-star lineup of Kowloon signatures, plus some unique offerings to keep things fresh. The truck is available for catering duties if you want to show your guests a taste of a local treasure, and it’s also known to appear at various events around town. This September, it will serve up Kowloon classics at the Everett Village Fest.

Make Your Plans

If you want to visit the brick and mortar restaurant, Kowloon is located at 948 Broadway Saugus, Massachusetts 01906, just a quick trip north of Everett. In addition to delicious dining, the restaurant also hosts live comedy in its Luau Room. Kolwoon is open seven days per week, starting at 11:30 a.m.

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