Neighborhood Gardens For Spring

Neighborhood Gardens

As spring begins and winter ends, this can mean only one thing – it’s time to get outside! After all, being cooped up inside during the winter can only be fun for so long. There’s only so many movies and television shows you can watch before you get bored and wish you could enjoy some spring and summer fun. Whether you enjoy the outdoors because it gives you a chance to play your favorite sport with your friends or you enjoy taking a stroll just to enjoy the scenery, there’s plenty to enjoy about nice weather. For those of you aching to get outside, and make a difference while you’re at it, consider helping out the Boston Community Gardens! Keep reading to learn more.

About the Gardens

There is a total of 56 community gardens across eight Boston neighborhoods. Known as Boston Community Gardens, these gardens are tended and cared for by local residents. Not only does this connect people in the area and the community, it’s a great way for family and friends to get together and help the environment. A garden can simply consist of a vegetable garden or can be made up of individual plots or common areas. Either way, the goal is for the gardens to offer food and sustenance for the families who tend them. Ready to get involved?

Get Involved Today!

There are many ways to get involved with Boston Community Gardens. For starters, find a garden in your area. Download a map of Trustees community gardens in Boston! Take a look at the current list of Community Gardens. There are many programs at the gardens such as events and much more. Check the schedule to attend events in the area. If you think being a part of the Boston Community Gardens is a great option for you, be sure to become a volunteer. There are numerous volunteer opportunities available. Get outside and help the community today!

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