Revolution Axe Throwing – Try Something New In Everett

Revolution Axe Throwing

How do you spend most weekend nights? Maybe you grab some dinner, see a movie, or just hang out at home. How about adding a little excitement to your life by heading to Revolution Axe Throwing in Everett? The facility is about to open, and you will have the time of your life.

New to axe throwing? Get some information, so you’ll be ready to impress your friends.

The Process

The idea of picking up an axe and hurling it at a target might sound a little scary. What if someone gets hurt? It’s normal to feel a little nervous, but you can relax. You’ll be in a controlled environment with a coach to help you.

First, you will get a lesson on how to throw the axe. You’ll learn the proper technique and how to ensure the axe goes toward your target.

Then, it’ll be time to play. Your coach will guide you as you throw the axe at the target. Targets usually have circles and dots, and you earn points based on where the axe lands.

Skill, Not Strength

You likely think you have to be pretty strong to throw an axe, but that’s not the case. In fact, this is a skill-based sport. Men and women even compete in leagues together because size truly does not matter. If you know how to use the proper stance and technique, you can score high points, regardless of your physical strength.

Throwing Axes with Beer

This is going to be an axe-throwing bar, which means you will be able to drink beer and wine when you throw. That might sound dangerous, but everything will be well-regulated. The staff will make sure everyone stays safe and has fun.

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Bring Your Buddies

Do you want to show off your axe throwing skills? When Revolution Axe Throwing opens, you can bring some spectators along. There will be space at the end of the bays for friends to cheer you on.

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