Strongbacks Long Distance Riding Club

Strongbacks Long Distance Riding Club

Do you love going on long motorcycle rides and hanging out with friends? Do you want to help the youth in the area pay for trade school? If you answered yes, the Strongbacks Long Distance Riding Club is perfect for you. Members don’t have to pay annual dues, so this is a unique type of riding club. Get the details and sign up today.

The Mission

The motorcycle club has an honorable mission. It organizes fundraising rides to raise money for its scholarship program that helps people from single-parent households. Riders are also encouraged to volunteer in their local neighborhoods. The idea is to do as much good as possible, whether on a motorcycle or on foot. If you love the idea of helping the community, this club is a great choice.

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The Rides

The motorcycle club offers a variety of rides throughout the year. Public rides are open to anyone, and they are a good way to get to know the members of the club. You can also sign up as a Day Rider or a Weekend Warrior. Weekend Warrior trips are fun. There are two available each season, and you usually get to go camping. You are expected to raise money on these weekend rides. Many riders are able to raise as much as $2 a mile, so you’ll need to utilize your fundraising skills.

Once you become a member, you will want to go on one of the Long Haulers rides. The club chooses a new destination each year. It went all the way to New Orleans in 2016 and to Milwaukee in 2017. You never know what is next on the agenda. You will love spending all this time on the back of your bike, so join the club and give it a try.

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