Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Tipping Cow

Tipping Cow

Stop by Tipping Cow, owned by Gerly Adrien and David Lindsey, to get the best ice cream in Massachusetts.

The Richest, Most Flavorful Ice Cream Around

When you get ice cream from Tipping Cow, you’ll be amazed by how flavorful it is. The ice cream is rich due to the way it is made. They have perfected a method of using less air when whipping ice cream, giving it that rich taste.

It’s not just about the ice cream, though. Some incredible baking and culinary skills to add something extra to the ice cream. Want peach ice cream? You’ll get pureed chunks of peaches in it. This is not peach sauce. They are real peaches. Maybe you prefer strawberry cheesecake ice cream. That’s a great choice thanks to the cooked strawberries and graham crackers that are mixed in. The cannoli ice cream even has little pieces of cannoli in it.

You get the idea. This is ice cream and then some.

Ask for Samples

There are so many flavors here that it can be hard to decide on one. Fortunately, the staff is super friendly, and they will let you try some samples. Give a few a try before you make your decision.

Take Some Home

You can get a scoop right there, but be sure to take some home as well. The store has small containers you can purchase and put in your freezer at home. That way, you’ll always be prepared when you get the urge to eat some Tipping Cow ice cream.

Nut-Free Shop

Oh, and get this. This is a nut-free ice cream shop. If you have a nut allergy, you can come in and order without fear. This is a rarity in the ice cream world, so it’s another reason to be excited about Tipping Cow.

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Vegan? No Problem

You can even get vegan ice cream at Tipping Cow. The owners seriously thought of everything. It’s no wonder this is quickly becoming the top ice cream shop in the area.

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