Tidy Up In 2019


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there are countless goals and objectives we each try to accomplish. Whether you and your family have decided to start recycling, exercising, or another activity, the important thing is that you’re doing it together. After all, having an accountability partner is the first step in making sure everyone is keeping up with their goals and continuing their resolution. One of the most important resolutions that people can make is tidying up the home.  On the surface, this might not seem that important. However, once you understand the benefits of having a clean home, we’re willing to bet you’ll try to get rid of any clutter from now on.

Organizing The Home

There are many ways to organize the home. Marie Kondo uses the successful KonMari Method of cleaning. Marie Kondo is well known for her ability to tidy up even the most cluttered of spaces. She’s an expert organizer and author of the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. More recently, she has a show on Netflix in which she enters homes with the goal of helping families learn organization and cleaning methods. In doing this, she sheds light on a common problem that many people have: Owning too much stuff.

With the method used by Marie Kondo, people learn to clean their home, get more organized, and build better relationships with each other.

Some Useful Cleaning Tips

Marie Kondo offers a variety of cleaning tips. Some of her suggestions include:

  • Place all of your clothes in one big pile. This helps you see exactly how much space your clothes take up and how many clothes you own. Next, simply go through your clothes one by one, finding which items “spark joy” along the way. If a piece doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, don’t keep it.
  • Get rid of paper. We’re currently in the digital age which means most bills and other mail items can be viewed online. If you have lots of paper around the house, go through them and only keep the important documents.
  • Donate books. If you have lots of books, put them in a pile the same way you did with the clothes. Go through them one by one as well.

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