Kick Off The Holidays With A Treat From A Local Bakery


There’s plenty of aspects to love about the holidays. The music. The family gatherings. The movies. And yes, even the food. From gingerbread to pumpkin spice and everything in-between, there’s plenty of delicious holiday sweets that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Where can you find these tasty treats? We’ve made a list of several bakeries in the area. Keep reading for more information!

Bakes & Cakes

Bakes & Cakes is located in Everett, Massachusetts and offers a variety of dishes you’re certain to enjoy. From cakes to pies, Bakes & Cakes has a wide array of dessert options. On top of that, Bakes & Cakes offers plenty of drinks and other creations. There’s also an extensive breakfast and lunch menu you’ll love as well!

Elm St. Bakery

Are you ready to peer through the glass, your eyes glancing over the diverse dessert options? From rich, chocolate delicacies to fruity choices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Elm St. Bakery. For over 30 years, the Elm St. Bakery has served the Everett area. Featuring pastries, Danishes, large puff pastries, calzones, cookies, Italian bread, and much more, Elm St. Bakery gives you a wide range of choices.

Continental Bakery

At Continental Bakery in Everett, you’ll enjoy unique creations. Whether you’re searching for pies, cakes, bread options, or other sweets, Continental Bakery brings it all to the table. If you’re planning a birthday, be sure to check out their unique and gorgeous birthday cakes!

Casablanca Bakery

Calling themselves the “House of Pastry,” Casablanca Bakery is a great place to go to grab pastries, cookies, breads, sandwiches, and more. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re tasting the delicious creations at Casablanca Bakery!

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